Comprehensive Career Assessment Program

Students find it challenging to choose the right career. Their decisions are influenced by their parents’ advice, various resources online, popular career options, suggestions from teachers, and other students. However, selecting the right career depends on:

  • Assessing their strengths and core capabilities
  • Mapping their core capabilities with the available career options
  • Familiarizing them about the suitable career options
  • Providing them with suitable resources to choose the best option

Optim8 Solutions steps in as a beacon for students with its Comprehensive Career Assessment Program (CCAP)

CCAP is a career evaluation program that helps students in identifying their strengths, choosing the right course, stream, and walk along a well-designed path to reach their ultimate goal.

Students from classes 9, 10,11, and 12 who are looking for a complete career guidance solution

  • A scientific career evaluation test designed by psychologists and customized for Middle East
  • Personalized report card highlighting aptitude and personality traits
  • Extensive career analysis and details about studying in local institutions or abroad
  • Counselling by experts who analyse, discuss, and then suggest appropriate career options
  • Provides a guideline for students and parents as it helps in identifying a student’s innate talent and choosing the best career
  • Provides clarity in choosing the right career
  • In the long run, it avoids students undergoing stress and disinterest in studies due to choosing an inappropriate career path


• CCAP test is an online psychometric test, which includes:
• Personality test - To determine the student's personality traits
• Aptitude test - To determine the studen't ability to perform tasks
• Career Interest test - To analyse the studen't career interests

•The students receive a comprehensive, graphical report card , which explains:
• Personality traits
• Aptitude

•Experts analyse the report
•Map the results with various career options

•Experts analyse the report
•Map the results with various career options

What is CCAP test?

The key inputs for CCAP include analyzing the personality, aptitude, and interests of the student. To analyze these factors, we conduct a CCAP test, which includes:

  • Personality test – Personality is an important factor for determining a suitable career. This test presents various scenarios to measure the student’s natural behavior.
  • Aptitude test – Aptitude determines what the student is good at and the student’s ability to perform a task.
  • Career interest test – This test presents various options to capture the student’s career interests.

College Admissions & Application Consulting Services

Optim8 Solutions helps you sail smoothly through your college admission process. Your college admission process is not limited to choosing colleges, filling forms, and submitting college essays. It also includes building your resume, obtaining letters of recommendation, and attending interviews. Our expert consultants guide you in every minute aspect related to your college admission, including how to apply, when to apply, and where to apply.
Although we have an all-inclusive college application consulting package, we also have tailor-made packages to suit your requirements. So, our consultants are ready to help you with their expert advice and insights with respect to your unique requirements.


• We conduct a thorough analysis and identify your strengths

• We help you identify and focus on the key aspects in your application

• We help you walk through the admission process and help you choose an appropriate package, suitable for you

• We help you in fine-tuning and editing your essays as they are vital for identifying your aptitude and worthiness for scholarships

• We guide you with all other requirements to help you in your college admission

To get started with your college admission, choose one of our packages below. Contact us to know more about our customized services.


Preparation is the first step for a successful career
College admission process is like a sprint and the earlier you start preparing, the better are the chances to win the sprint. Optim8 Solutions presents Pre-College Preparation services, which helps you start preparing from your first year of high school. It helps you build all the necessary requirements to advance into college successfully.
We guide and set you on the right path to:

  • Build your academic knowledge
  • Involve in extracurricular activities
  • Obtain good test scores
  • Analyze your strengths and map your skills to relevant courses


“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Einstein
There are myriad factors that play an important role in securing admission to a college. A perfect combination of your personality traits, aptitude, hobbies, interests, and academics leads you to a course and a college, which is a perfect fit for you. This admission is the advent of your career, and it gives you opportunities to tap your capabilities appropriately and stride confidently into
a career of your choice, matching your personality, and aptitude.


Our Pre-College Preparation packages prepare you to choose the right course, right college, and to handle the entire admission process, including interview confidently. Our continuous one-to-one meetings help us understand your needs and guide you appropriately.

In addition to our comprehensive packages, we do customize our services to suit your needs. So, why wait? Contact us to know more.