Many organizations are moving to Linux and if you are thinking about it, you might be bracing up to handle the challenges.
Optim8 Solutions experts specialize in Windows to Linux migration.

Many organizations opt for a Windows to Linux migration for the following reasons:

Linux-based operating systems have lower cost of ownership. Linux operating systems do not have licensing charges and this minimizes the cost.

Additionally, you can migrate Windows based applications to Open Source applications such as Zimbra Mail, and Open Source ERP products, which provides you more flexibility.

Linux and Open sourced products have a community of developers, users, and partners who are continuously developing and incorporating new features. This paves way to get efficient support and also make changes in your infrastructure effectively.


Migrate legacy Microsoft Windows-based desktops to Linux environments by using a proven methodology. Our methodology ensures minimal disruption to the existing business processes and applications.

In choosing the right operating system per your requirements and business needs. Our experts in all variants of Linux such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cent OS, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian can help you better.