Are you on the verge of a migration project, but skeptical about how to proceed?

Teams freeze when it’s time for migration project, because of its complexity, downtime, varied servers with multiple OS’ and innumerable VMs, and lack of expertise to handle obstacles.

We understand your priorities and help you in the following migration services:

Migration Type

HANA and S/4 HANA Migration
services Transitioning from


Cloud Migration Services
Migrating data from data
centres to the cloud

How can we help you?

• Reduce cost
• Reduce complexity
• Provide expert services and efficient tools
• One-step HANA conversion,
Which includes:
DB migration to HANA
OS migration to LINUX
SAP applications upgrade
UNICODE conversion

Analyze, classify, and identify projects suitable for cloud migration
Conduct Cloud migration planning workshops and walkthroughs
Guidance for migration to
cloud or between two cloud platforms

Classify workload for
migration to AWS

Recommend appropriate cloud solution with elaborate cloud migration plans
Develop a roadmap Provide a detailed ROI analysis report

What do you get?

An integrated and complete
HANA Migration Automation
which supports
many SAP Business Suite
that run on
a huge blend OS/DB

Clarity on the migration solution Project management services
Relevant validations for decision making
Training Reduced risks
Reduced cost and eliminates additional
manpower Effortless and quick transition
to the new platform


  • Gather all requirements
  • Identify migration components
  • Build migration roadmap
  • Create Timeline
  • Prioritise components to be migrated
  • Apply best practices and strategies
  • Create Architectural diagrams
  • Apply cloud design patterns
  • Define roles
  • Define tools and security services
  • Define resources
  • Develop a Base Cloud Infrastructure
  • Deploy sample workloads
  • Validate applications
  • Map security and compliance resources against the new controls
  • Deploy security tools and run vulnerability checks