Linux is one of the most powerful operating systems. It provides a versatile platform for servers, mail servers, web servers, and databases. It is also popular as an operating system for desktops.

Servers with Linux require timely updates and troubleshooting. Optim8 solution provides a wide
range of Linux administration and Support Services.


  • Onsite system administration and system monitoring
  • Remote system administration and system monitoring
  • 24/7 technical support through our call center
  • Support for various Linux flavours:
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • Oracle Linux
  • Installing, configuring, tuning, and troubleshooting Linux systems
  • Installing, configuring, tuning, and troubleshooting web servers, mail servers, databases, directory services
  • Planning, setting up backup solutions, and implementation
  • Debugging
  • Security auditing & hardening
  • Performance tuning
  • Linux Clustering Solution
  • Linux multi-purpose business solutions
  • Installing patch release upgrades on servers
  • Providing 24x7x365 system admin support (full-time, part-time, or on hourly basis)
  • Server monitoring(automated) and notification system


Optim8 solutions also help in performing a Linux Server health checkup where a series of tests
are performed to assess the health of the servers.

What is it?

A periodic checkup to determine the health of the server.

A check on the following:

Server security
Wasted system resources
Network vulnerability

Why do you need it?

It helps in spotting trouble signs in the server that may cause major trouble in future. Identifying these signs earlier helps in resolving it and preventing major issues.

What do you get?

A checklist with actions
to be performed Critical recommendations
Advisory recommendations

Are you looking for Linux support services to handle your network of Linux machines seamlessly? Contact us to know more.


Our veterans at Optim8 solutions are process-driven and strictly follow a meticulous process to ensure that they give you an appropriate solution.

We follow a five-phase methodology as detailed below:

  • We believe that the key to a successful project is: Understanding your requirements. So our first phase is to Assessing or requirements gathering.
    • 1 - We collaborate with you and analyze your requirements.
    • 2 - We document our discussions and analyze it.
    • 3 - We prepare a Requirements document. This document:
      • defines the goal of the project
      • identifies the impact of the solution
      • discusses the important resources and also the future maintenance of the project

    In short, it gives us the blueprint about what must be done in this project. For example: What must be done to build a Linux network.

After we freeze on the requirements, we move on to the Design phase. In this phase our team of skilled and experienced technical architects designs the solution.

We focus on:

  • 1 - The requirements
  • 2 - Security parameters
  • 3 - Your IT infrastructure and strategies
  • 4 - Latest and appropriate technologies

Our goal is to design a secure and scalable solution.

Our next phase is implementation of the solution. This phase is led by our senior and experienced consultants. Our implementation phase involves:

  • 1 - Procuring the required hardware and installing it, if required.
  • 2 - Implementing the architecture with a cloud provider (for cloud-based solutions).
  • 3 - Installing and configuring the required software.
  • 4 - Validating and testing the functionalities based on the requirements document.
  • 5 - Handling the migration of the required data.

After implementation, we monitor the systems in the network continuously. Our aim in monitoring the systems is to ensure that we detect and resolve issues that might pose a threat to the network.

After implementing and monitoring the solution, we do not step aside completely.

We work:

  • 1 - Towards optimizing the solution by considering new requirements
  • 2 - On performance concerns and troubleshoot other issues
  • 3 - Continuously in monitoring and optimizing the solution on requirement basis

We conduct a post-project review and obtain your feedback to ensure that our processes are optimal and the best for future projects.

Optim8 Server Maintenance Solutions

Servers are the crux of your growing business computer networks. While you strive towards growing your business, we strive towards nurturing the servers, with vital elements to ensure that it’s proficient and well-managed. One of the important activities in server management is server maintenance. Optim8 solutions provide you an array of services that helps you focus more on your business and not on the technology.

Why choose Optim8 Solutions for Linux server maintenance?

Optim8 Solutions is emerging as the Linux Remote server maintenance leader as it:

  • Provides a comprehensive range of professional services to a varied range of clients, who house single workstations or a wide network of computers.
  • Enables you to effortlessly set up and maintain your Linux server systems.
  • Provides the services of a proficient team of Linux consultants and engineers.
  • Houses an experienced team who are proficient in designing, implementing and maintaining Linux systems.
  • Provides onsite and 24/7 remote support on system monitoring and diagnosis of your OS and other applications.
  • Updates you with security-related alerts, bug reports, and software enhancements.
  • Provides incremental upgrades regularly to ensure an optimal performance of the computer systems.
  • Provides sophisticated monitoring techniques and advantageous cost benefits.

Significance of our service plans

Optim8 Solutions provides flexible and cost-affordable service plans, which enable you to enjoy the benefits of having:

  • Topnotch remote Linux maintenance support at cost-effective rates
  • Annual maintenance agreements at fixed monthly rates or per incident rate
  • A Linux system administrator at an affordable rate

While you focus on your growing business, we, with our robust ties with the Linux open source development community strive on efficiently maintaining your Linux system.


If you are still pondering about taking a full-support contract, you can try our service and decide about it. Optim8 solutions provide an Ad-hoc support where you can pay us per hour or pay as per pre-configured packages (Economy, Business and Premier).
We can fix the issue remotely or come over to your location and set it right.


Do you have questions about our LINUX support services? The following frequently asked questions aim to answer your queries. If you have any other questions, do write to us.

Our customary support contracts include support for the following Linux distributions:
  • SUSE
  • Red Hat
  • Oracle Linux
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
Important: We only support the latest releases of the above-mentioned distributions. However, if you have a different version or distribution and would like to discuss about our support services, please contact us.

For detailed information about our support contract, please contact us for more details.

Not necessary, you can include each server on a support level that’s appropriate for the server.

There is no minimum term. However, we do require a 30 days’ notice, if you terminate your support contract. This ensures that we get 30 days to end the contract and preferably, the end of a calendar month.

Our typical response turnaround time is within an hour. However, if you need guaranteed response time, please consider our or < Premier support> plans.

Yes, we support. Please contact us for more details.

Do you want to know more about our annual maintenance contracts or support contract? Contact us to