Securing applications – Learnings from the year 2017


Securing applications – Learnings from the year 2017

As you step into the year 2018, you must be busy chalking out plans for the year ahead. Year 2017 was a mixed bag, which saw exciting new technologies and also some grave security breaches. Loop holes in securing sensitive data strongly indicate that application security is vital. It also reminds you to focus on security, best practices, and evolving technologies as your key 2018 goals.

Let’s look at one of the crucial security-related goof-ups that made it to the headlines.

Data breach at Equifax increased the risk of identity theft. Equifax is one of America’s largest credit reporting firms. According to Equinox, there was a security breach, which occurred between mid-May and July. Hackers gained access to people’s sensitive data, such as social security numbers, names, addresses, driving license numbers, and so on. They also managed to get data of people in the UK and Canada. Around 143 million consumers were affected.

How did this happen?

Vulnerabilities in Apace Struts, an OpenSource component were identified as one of the key reasons. Although the vulnerability was known and disclosed prior to the data breach, the hackers seemed to be ahead of Equifax.

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